Hey guys – among other issues I've had with the Surface Book, opening Quickbooks to find text sized for ants was the last straw and I had planned on returning it today. I decided to do a little more searching and (no thanks to Microsoft), found a real solution that doesn't require you to change your resolution, change the system fonts, or anything else.

The solution outlined here worked perfectly for Quickbooks and I assume will work great for other apps as well. Finally I can get some work done. I hope it helps you guys out too. Given how many posts there are on this forum about scaling issues, none of which have realistic solutions – maybe this should be a sticky.

To be clear – you shouldn't have to dig around in your registry to get your applications to load properly. This is a glaring, ridiculous and frankly embarrassing issue and Windows should be able to figure out how to scale apps on its own without your intervention. To people who say it is the app developer's fault for not implementing high DPI support properly: no, it's not – it's MS's fault for implementing a flawed system to begin with. Macbooks have high DPI displays and you can run any application you want and never run into the kinds of scaling issues you see on the Surface Book. /rant

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