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Planning a build for my mother’s work

Build Help/Ready: Have you read the sidebar and rules? (Please do) Yepperonies What is your intended use for this build? The more details the better. A lot of chrome tabs open, using Quickbooks (finances), Excel, and occasionally Photoshop If gaming, what kind of performance are you looking for? (Screen resolution, FPS, game settings) No gaming […]

$10 Reward: Need to convert a excel worksheet to word then formatted correctly in order to take invoice template style in to quickbooks

Basically old people who are my dads clients dont like his new style of invoice, this is affecting his business so he wants to get off of freshbooks/quickbooks even though it makes stuff way way easier for us. My dad is old and stubborn too so in order to stay we have to copy the […]

Reward: Can anyone convert this excel worksheet to a docx files and format it for importation?

10 bucks on payal, Am using quick books and they allow custom invoice templates. Basically the format is Open your original DOCX file and add angle brackets < > around the text for QuickBooks to replace. Mark each field just once. is how its gonna look like. PM me and I can send you […]

Can I convert an excel worksheet/invoice template into a .docx file?

I am not very familiar with excel. Our clients want us to go back to the old look of invoices, we switched to quickbooks and theres a beta feature that imports docx styles/templates. I wanted to know if I can turn the excel file into a word one so I can upload it to quickbooks. […]

Quickbooks Help

Hi accounting, I posted this on the quickbooks sub earlier and did not get a response so I thought I'd try here. I'm new to reddit and this sub but I was hoping someone could tell me the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to learn quickbooks. I am in-between jobs right now and knowing quickbooks […]

Accounting / tax return software (UK).

Can any one recomend a program I can use to both do my invoicing and track my expenses plus will give me an estimate of what I have will have to pay HMRC for my tax return. I'm not currently VAT registered so it doesn't need to be as heavy duty as some software. I […]

Prefer Business workstation for college student, $800-1200. USA. 13″-15″ screen.

I am currently a sophomore in college and studying Construction management in CA. It is a soft engineering major at a state school. We use a lot of excel,quickbooks,word, bluebeam and some sketchup . I am always running multiple programs while working.Occasional league of legends play. I would prefer something that is professional grade as […]

Anyone using quickbooks? Category questions

Just started using quickbooks and gonna enter in all of last years expenses in it before I hand it over to a CPA. For anyone using it, how are you categorizing some of the following expenses: Dropbox/Google Drive – software? office expense? Expenses related to projects like music purchase (premiumbeat) or I hire alot of […]

TAXES 2016

NOW ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS. WE LOVE REFERRALS. George Adams, CPA MBA (207) 989-2700 in Brewer where the old barber shop used to be. 450 South Main Street: The HQ of IQ We give tax cuts instead of haircuts! We love traveling to clients’ locations as well. TAXES, ACCOUNTING, CONSULTING, OFFER-IN-COMPROMISE, INCORPORATING, ASSET PROTECTION, NON-PROFIT, QUICKBOOKS […]

Quickbooks Self Employed

Hey guys if you want to save 50% a month on QuickBooks self-employed just use this link. only $4.99/mo

Save 50% a month on QuickBooks self-employed

Hey guys if you want to save 50% a month on QuickBooks self-employed just use this link. only $4.99/mo

My brief foray into tech support: Taxes and Parenting Advice

So a few jobs ago, I worked at a small, family owned business that did small business accounting software. The piece of software I worked on was a program that sucked W2's out of Peachtree and Quickbooks and packaged them into files that you could submit to the IRS. At the time, we were basically […]

Best Total Business Management Software?

Hello All, I recently started a small 3D Printing and Prototyping company and I am having issues finding 1 program that can manage the business. Most CRM software is focused on sales generation. We are looking for something that focusses on these things: Invoicing Links to Quickbooks Links to Email Links to Google Drive Inventory […]

Matrix PC Mover WTF

I just don't understand. I take in a premier setup & I write down the software in the OMS that I want installed. Why the fuck is the matrix moving over every god damn program from the data transfer hard drive. I am sitting here removing office starter 2010, some internet security, acronis, Quickbooks 2010, […]

[Hiring] (Part II) 40+ jobs in Accounting, Finance, Payroll, EA, Sales, Revenue, Operations, Support, etc. $1000 cash bonus if you’re hired.

Hello Boston Jobs!! I have access to 40 Accounting, Finance, Payroll, EA, Sales, Revenue, Operations, Support, etc Jobs here in the Boston area. This is the second of 4 posts, as I try not to overdo the formatting limits. Here are 11-20 (I'll be posting the rest in separate threads). If any of these interest […]

W-2 on plain paper not fitting into suggested No. 10 window envelope.

I searched in the Intuit community threads and found several people are having the same problem, but no one has found a solution. Anyone on Reddit have this same issue?

Accounting best practices with a PSA

After demoing AT & CW I am left with a question about best accounting practices for using a PSA. Currently our work flow is as follows. We get a bill from Ingram for O365, AppRiver or SpamSoap and in Quickbooks I allocate the expense to each client and make it as billable. If a tech […]

Looking for a Solution: Taxes when shipping to other states

I work for a manufacturing company that creates aluminum architectural elements for the outside of large chain businesses like fast food or stores. We build all of our products at our factory in one state, but sell and ship our products all over the country (and sometimes send our own crews to install them). Right […]

Title and pay

So I got hired for my first IT job, under the title Computing technician. (Craigslist) The post listed my responsibility as updating software, hardware stuff such as changing graphics cards, and general help desk stuff. This is a small business of about 30 people at a product development firm. So the guy that interviewed me […]

Please help with sales tracking for affiliates.

We have a few sites that feature other people's products (online courses specifically). We want to efficiently track sales that affiliates generate (vs organic traffic, PPC, social, etc). Is there a way to do this (plugin suggestions are welcome)? We'd love to have a quickbooks report ideally. We'd also love to be able to track […]