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Is there a way to set default ‘Open Windows’ for every time I boot up QuickBooks?

I often use the same windows in QuickBooks. I'm just wondering if there is a way to set default open windows on booting to speed up production.

Need help on selecting an Order Management software (Currently using Logiciel)

Hello Friends, I am looking to upgrade my order management software from Logiciel because they are a bit too expensive now. My company only does 4 trade shows a year so I am looking for an Order management software that is user-friendly, efficient, and reliable. Mandatory specs I will need: Software that can be integrated […]

Looking to buy Thinkpad, Budget $400

Could be refurbished (probably better to have refurbished maybe?) its going to be used for mostly school and work. I'll be working with Quickbooks, Word, Powerpoint and I'd like to be able to browse the internet and watch videos on youtube and netflix primarily. Probably wont be doing any gaming at all on it.

QuickBooks can fuck right off!

For those of you unfortunate enough to be at the game on Saturday, did you see the annoying fucking adverts blaring at the end of the game? A cheery fucking voice telling me about QuickBooks is so fucking annoying after an embarrassing defeat. At least it's not a betting company I suppose.

Is this right Quickbooks support phone helpline number

Was my laptop reformatted?

Hello all, I have come into the possession of a work laptop (2012 MacBook Pro running OSX 10.11) after my former boss resigned in the midst of financial turmoil. It seems to me like the hard drive was reformatted before I received the computer. Aside from bookkeeping software, the computer is virtually empty. No documents, […]

Accounting Software

In lieu of Quickbooks, which is more money than I really want to pay for accounting software (especially with monthly fees), what does everybody recommend? It would need to have capabilities for creating invoices, purchase orders and estimates, and ideally organizing all the numbers for tax season. Definitely a bonus if it could integrate with […]

Online books software that does certain things needed…

Hi! I'm using Quickbooks Online to run my small business. This business is primarily services based. We have no employees, instead using 1099 subcontractors to deliver the solutions we offer. I find Quickbooks online sorely lacking in a number of areas and am looking for suggestions as to alternative software. I prefer something hosted (AKA […]

Opinions on how I should categorize meals on QuickBooks Online?

Two person LLC; one member works on residential projects in the area and one person works on commercial projects that require overnight stays in other states. What would be a fair way to label meals in QuickBooks Online? I say fair because the commercial member has decided they want out. His mother was the one […]

14.5 – 16″ Accounting Laptop for 1,000$ CND.

Full number pad needed. Max 1000$ after taxes. Microsoft Office included or under 900$. Used for Quickbooks, Microsoft Suite and occasional browsing. Planned to last the next 3 years. My mother is looking for a new laptop and I'm looking for suggestions of specs or specific laptops to use for accounting / HR type work. […]

Need an office build that will last 10+ years without upgrading. Sky is the limit.

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using. Strictly office work. Running multiple excel docs, word docs, quickbooks, pdf files, etc. I need it to be able to run programs flawlessly with zero lag for at least 10 years without […]

Need advice for upgrading a small law firm’s system

I am the IT guy for a small law firm near my hometown. The old IT guy, let's call him Doug, was a complete bafoon, and ended up just disappearing from the law firm last year leaving things in shambles. I have spent the last few months upgrading and protecting them from further disasters. I […]

Windows 7 Pro Business Laptop <$400

LAPTOP QUESTIONNAIRE Country of purchase: USA Budget range: $300 – $400 Purpose (netbook, ultraportable, mainstream, gaming, desktop replacement, etc.): Small Office (Microsoft Office Suite, QuickBooks, Billing software, etc.) Screen size preference: >13" OS preference (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows 7 Professional (for networking) Gaming requirements (list example games and desired fps/settings): n/a Other performance requirements (video editing, CAD, […]

Simple Tax and Internet machine for my father

My Dad's an accountant and wants me to build him a new computer. I built my own gaming desktop, but I'm not an expert by any stretch. He's basically just going to be using programs like QuickBooks and Microsoft Office as well as the basics like email and internet browsing. An example of something I'm […]

Entry level (truly) and changing careers. Can’t find a temp agency to help me. Please read within

I graduated 6 years ago and went straight into graduate school for early childhood education. It is not a career I want to pursue. Unfortunately, despite an undergraduate degree with some exposure to finance courses and being computer literate, I have neither enough professional office experience (have worked part-time as an assistant, including a lot […]

Looking for a build for a furute-proof fast work PC.

Building for my dad. The budget is pretty loose. I think anything up to $800 would be fine but obviously cheaper is better. The main need is for it to run fast doing every day type stuff (quickbooks, internet, MS office, whatever) but I want to build him a computer that will continue to run […]

[DK] What accounting packages have Danish language versions available?

It should be fairly straightforward, but even after half an hour with Quickbooks' online support, I couldn't get a straightforward answer – do any of the major accounting packages offer a Danish language translation of their software? Either online or desktop versions are ok.

Can I get a Danish language translation of Quickbooks?

Either the online or desktop versions…

I’m new to Access and many MS Office programs. I will need them to find a job. Can someone direct me to a place I can learn to use these/test my understanding?

I'm looking for administrative work, have been out of the office job market a decade, and feel like a senior citizen because I only really understand MS Word and Powerpoint. No one ever taught me how to use Outlook, Access, or Excel to an extent I might use it in an administrative setting. Looking at […]

QuickBooks running slow, How to speed up QuickBooks?

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