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[For Hire] Experienced Administrative Assistant/ Database Manager with Customer Service Experience

I am an experienced Administrative Assistant with over 5 years of experience within Nonprofit Organizations and the Hospitality Industry including working with RFPs/RFQs. I also spent 1 year as a Case Manager at a Disaster Assistance Program where I also audited other sites. Since moving to DC I have exclusively been temping in data management […]

Point of Sale software with integrated appointment book?

I run a small salon, and we have been toying with the idea of using computers more (ipad appointment book, online booking, just having our appointments/inventory no longer on paper). All i have found is utter shit! We just tried Millenium, thinking it was a good option since it was installed on our main computer, […]

Is there any way to pay for a quickbooks online account using bitcoin?

I know that there is the "paybycoin" feature available to receive bitcoin payments. However, I can't seem to find any reference to being able to pay for a quickbooks online account using bitcoin. Is this possible?

Is there any way to pay for a quickbooks online account with bitcoin?

What the title says. I'm working to start a business, and it would be extremely helpful to be able to use BTC to pay for that expense.

Is there any way to pay for a quickbooks online account with bitcoin? /r/Bitcoin

[HIRING] Full- or Part-Time Accountant / Office Manager / Administrative Assistant, Van Nuys, CA

Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in Accounting or Management Strong understanding of accounting principles Expert in Quickbooks Pro/Premier 3-5 years of experience Experience in Construction/Real Estate accounting a BIG PLUS Responsibilities for this position include but are not limited to the following: Accounting/Bookeeping: AP/AR Bank Reconciliation Financial Statements General Ledger Sales Tax returns, Business Tax returns Payroll […]

Is there a way to keep the open windows sidebar open all the time? QB Premier 2013-15

Every time I close QB or open another client's file, it goes away. Windows QB 2013-2015.

Small biz payroll Feelings?

My accountant is trying to sell me on Paychex, but I like to do my research before jumping in on any new service. I already use QuickBooks Online, so I think Intuit Payroll would be a good fit. Anyone have Feelings about their payroll provider of choice for a small business (1-5 people), Paychex/Inutit/otherwise?

Self-starter, 4th year in biz, over $100k annual revenue..2nd denial on loan, so discouraged.

Hello entrepreneurs and redditor business co-conspirators. I'm writing this and reaching out as an exhale to another frustrating loan denial. I started my business in September 2012 with a $2,500 loan from my landlord and we are now exceeding $100,000 revenue annually. We have 5 part-time employees and everyone is making a living wage according […]

About IT Canada International

IT Canada International is a leading developerin the field of ERP Integration in electronic data exchange. Electronic Document Exchange is the new business standard to get documents to and from your trading partners quickly and efficiently. We have expertise integrating with accounting systems like SAP, Quickbooks, Great Plains, Simply Accounting and Accpac. We work with […]

[Help]Best way to handle a 1,500 SKU warehouse?

We handle basic t-shirts (multiple sizes, colors and kinds) I work in third world and we don't have those complicated lines you guys normally have. Everything is handled via manpower. Oh, also, we use Quickbooks.

How to Customize Expense Settings in QuickBooks Online

Just as a reminder, why is it important to customize settings in QBO? Because you can tailor QBO specifically for your company, you can get more functionality out of QBO, and you can save time. I hope those who are trying to learn how to use QBO will learn in this tutorial 🙂

QuickBooks Hosting

QuickBooks Hosting now available at the cheapest price that you could ever imagine.

Hitech Cloud Hosting Solution

QuickBooks is an Accounting software used by the accountants for their business. The software installed in a local machine restricts the flexibilities of the software. The same software when hosted on a cloud server allows a user to experience all the flexibilities that this software can offer. It allows multiple user accessibility, that means, multiple […]

Discussion: Best tech stack for managing your business back-end?

Hi /r/Entrepreneur, I'm involved with my 4th start-up now and have been tasked with focusing on the back-end operational aspects of our company – which is an area that I haven't had to focus on before, so I'm little over my head. My previous ventures have been in big ticket/slow sales cycle technology solutions, but […]


ă€ŽæłŒć°żć™šç§‘ćŒ»ăŒæ•™ăˆă‚‹ă€Œæ­Łă—ă„ăƒžă‚čă‚żăƒŒăƒ™ăƒŒă‚·ăƒ§ăƒłă€ă€€ă‚«ăƒƒăƒ—ăƒ«ă€ć€«ć©Šă€ćź¶æ—ă§è€ƒăˆă‚ˆă†ïŒè‡Șćˆ†ăźçšźăšć­ć­«ă‚’ç”¶ă‚„ă•ăȘいためぼムă‚čă‚łé‹ç”šæł• (impress QuickBooks) ă€ăšă„ă†æœŹă«ăă†æ›žă„ăŠă‚ă‚‹ă‚‰ă—ă„ă€‚

POS system with QB integration and no monthly fees

I was really into lightspeed because it looked so nice, but after looking at the yearly fee of $900 it doesn't take too many years to be worthwhile in investing in another system. Is there any other software that is recommended with the following features: integrates with Quickbooks Integrates with for payment processing (might […]

Time Tracker Systems/Cost Accounting

Do you guys have any experience with implementing a time tracking system? I currently work for an advertising consulting firm, and we're manually keeping track of times in Excel. It's a nightmare for invoice and analysis. Anyone know some good affordable systems. Keep in mind we're a pretty small firm. I looked at the Harvest […]

{FOR HIRE} Executive/Personal Assistant

December graduate searching for a great opportunity in the NYC Metro Area! A quick summary of myself and background; -NCAA All-American Track & Field Athlete; All-Academic -3+ years administrative experience and support of high level executives in both office and home environments -Early management background -Open to various opportunities EXPERIENCE Confidential High Profile Client New […]

Using Quickbooks Pro 2012 with another Database

Is there anyway for when we import the data from the other database to have its codes change to our codes? So the database we can't change their codes but is there a way before we import it or after to make xyz because emp for example on our invoices?