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Recommendation for Resource Planning SW (MRP/ERP)

I'm working at a hardware startup that's getting ready to get ready to do production runs. We're looking at inventory management software tools that integrate with Quickbooks. There seem to be a number of choices on the market and not a lot of differentiation (just based on demo videos). The tool ideally has the following […]

Is my boss laundering money?

I posted this in r/irs, but i didnt get a definitive answer, so now im asking the whole community. So i am a secretary for a small legitimate business. I have access to the books and all the bank account iinformation. I've noticed checks written for thousands of dollars deposited to our main bank without […]

Perfect part time job for a stay at home mom (or dad)… or anyone looking for a long term part time job

I'm not the one doing the hiring, but you'll work in my office 4-5 days a week, 4 hours (or so). The main requirements are: Good MS Word, Excel, Google Outlook, E-mail etc Quickbooks, accounting software, etc. is a plus Needs to be able to handle customers over the phone Some light customer support (we […]

Desktop Overlay Application?

Hi all – If any of you use Steam for online gaming you know that they have this neat overlay application that shows when you press Shift+Tab. The semi-transparent screen overlays your game and there are some different features you can quickly access while playing. I have an idea for a desktop application and I […]

Setting up an LLC in Virginia, need some advice

I have been running a small Etsy/Ebay/Amazon business for about 6 months now. I originally planned to just file it under my income as 1099-MISC. The business has taken off in a way and now I am looking at buying a $20K piece of machinery before the end of the year. My question is this, […]

[US] Started an eCommerce business, and I’m looking to streamline Quickbooks.

I created an LLC a couple of months ago, and I've been avoiding QB like the plaque. I thought it would be fun, and thought I would like setting everything up, because I enjoy numbers, and working on little projects. However, I realized I am not enjoying this because in the end, I don't know […]

Don’t understand why QuickBooks handles voiding checks the way it does.

So I had a couple duplicate checks on the books that I needed to void from earlier this year (>90 days ago). The reason for me voiding them instead of deleting them is because that I'd prefer to have a record or audit trail of transactions that were effectively taken off the books. That being […]

Linking your small business Quickbooks account with Paypal?

So my sister and I are new business owners. We recently bought a business from two friends and they used PayPal as their main account. They were extremely unorganized so we have been trying to straighten everything out. We recently got a Quickbooks online subscription. Due to neither of us having any background in accounting […]

South Middlesex Opportunity Council to host QuickBooks and basic accounting class

How’s this cover letter for an accounts admin position?

This is for an accounts admin position at the HQ of a friendly neighbourhood casino chain (Canadian). I'm a student with essentially no experience, so this is basically the best bullshit wrapper I could come up with. Is there any way I make this stand out any more? To whom it may concern, My name […]

Cover letter for an accounts position

This is for an accounts admin position at the HQ of a friendly neighbourhood casino chain (Canadian). I'm a student with essentially no experience, so this is basically the best bullshit wrapper I could come up with. Is there any way I make this stand out any more? To whom it may concern, My name […]

Amateur Quickbooks Question

Hey /r/Accounting. I've been a full charge bookkeeper for eight years. I recently started a new job and am having a lot of conflict with one of the partners of the establishment where I work. We're in the construction industry and the gentleman who I've been having trouble with knows a lot about accounting, if […]

Not sure about my major or college!

I'm currently a sophomore at California State University and I'm having a hard time deciding on my major. On top of that I really dislike my school. The majors I am considering are accounting finance and supply chain. I like accounting but don't want to spend my life at a desk or using QuickBooks. The […]

Looking to build a new computer for work that looks cool, is fast for what I do, and has good storage.

First thank you all for your time and work that you do helping people get a good build for their budget and thanks in advance for taking the time to look at my needs and helping out. We use google drive currently, which slows my current computer down during sync. Photoshop and possibly some other […]

QuickBooks Data -> New SQL DB?

Hey all! Does anybody have experience moving their quickbooks data to another database? After Googling around I found a smattering of alleged solutions, but I thought I'd ask here because a few of the solutions seemed either sketchy or pricey. Basically, I just want to have access all of my quickbooks data (updated from QB […]

Duplicate transactions on quickbook online

I'm pretty new to quickbooks online and had an error and unlinked and linked accounts again. While going through transactions though I noticed there were duplicates and not sure how to get rid of them. I tried purging quickbooks online and starting a new but it would not let me.

Anyone know of any IT companies hiring locally?

I've worked in the field for a year and a half after some basic schooling and certifications down in Salt Lake City, i have recently relocated to Bellingham to be around family and friends but i really need work. I really would prefer a low lvl IT job (I've worked T2 remote tech, managed an […]

[ES] We are currently using Excel/Access for accounting…this is cutting your wrist with a rusted nail. Help this daily suicidal nightmare

As sysadmin, Ive had enough of this. Our accounting is done by one person (well, two, someone else just came in) and it is all done by Excel/Access. 14 years with this system is way too much. Honestly, I have no idea what software is out on the market. Ive just heard of Quickbooks. Quickbooks […]

[For Hire] MSP Service Manager, looking to move into single-company Sysadmin or Service Manager role. Albuquerque, NM. Remote/Relocation OK.

Let's talk if you need a senior admin for these things right now: Windows Server 2003-2012 R2, SBS 2003-2011 ∙ Microsoft Exchange 2003-2013 ∙ Microsoft SQL Server 2003-2014 ∙ Windows 2.0-10 ∙ Dell SonicWALL ∙ GFI MailEssentials ∙ GFI MAX ∙ ScreenConnect ∙ Spiceworks ∙ Microsoft Hyper-V 2008-2012 R2 ∙ IIS 5.5-8.0 ∙ Active Directory […]

SlickPie – New Cloud Accounting Software in the Business – faster and reliable for small business

I just created a demo company in SlickPie and worked through it. It is very similar to QuickBooks, but much faster! For some reason, QuickBooks is very slow–a common complaint by online and desktop users. I feel comfortable using SlickPie. Has anyone tried yet?