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Anyone know a GOOD CPA or Accounting firm?

It seems like all the tax/financial planning people I've met so far here are just plug and play quickbooks or hr block software runners. I met with a 23 year CPA who had no experience with paypal and didn't know how to use Quickbooks online… Right now, I'm using a freelance accountant and I'd rather […]

Can you save a quickbooks file to an external drive and access it from there?

I tried saving a new quickbooks file onto a network shared harddrive but am unable to access it. I keep getting a H505 error prompting me to open Quickbooks Database Sever Manager on the computer where the file is located. The only problem is my file is located on a harddrive and not a computer.

Restore The Fourth files first amicus brief in critical Fourth Amendment case

Restore The Fourth is turning its hand to something new: Filing its own legal amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) brief in federal appeals court. The key remedy for Fourth Amendment violations is the ability of defendants to exclude evidence that was seized through an unconstitutional search. However, since 1984, the Supreme Court has narrowed […]

The customer you’ve selected has outstanding billable time and/or costs???

I recently took over the books for a construction company, and although I have experience in quickbooks, it was all at a non profit, therefore we never created invoices. My question: I'm entering a new invoice for a customer we have, and when I go to do so I get the warning message saying "The […]

Assembly or Group Items for Restaurant

I am trying to create items for a restaurant that account for assembly: A muffin is a sale item, but is made up from a bunch a separate items (Flour, sugar, butter, etc.) I need to keep track of how much flour I have used if I made X muffins. What is th best way […]

QBO vs Quickbooks Standalone?


Advice on building remote login server

Hey guys I've been building servers for camera systems for my work and they have been wanting a server that they can run quickbooks on and have roughly 8 people using it at a time. So I thought I'd do a little research on it and surprise them with a solution I'm a little fuzzy […]

Should I simplify Office Supplies into sub-accounts in QuickBooks, or just call everything Office Supplies?

Basically I want to know if I should have a sub-accounts for like just pens, paper, staples… Or just classify all those assets as Office Supplies in QuickBooks? What practice would be best?

Any constractors using Quickbooks for AIA billing?

My manager is considering using Quickbooks for the company's book keeping. However, we learnt that Quickbooks does not support AIA billing, which our contractors need for contracted jobs in North America. Does any of you have experience with AIA billing in Quickbooks? Which add-on would you recommend or how did you program quickbooks to do […]

Need Help – In-Laws run a B&B, have not filed taxes in 3 years, nor have any sort of accounting for the past 3 years.

Hi all, long-timer lurker, first time poster. We just found out my Father-in-Law has been diagnosed with cancer and given less than 6 months to live. We believe in miracles and are seeking one, however, I've been tasked at helping get their business in order. They currently reside in Canada, but run a Bed and […]

Seeking feedback on solution for tracking inventory across different sales platforms

We are working on a solution that automatically updates your inventory quantities by connecting your point of sale, mobile payments, and websites sales systems with QuickBooks. We'd like to build our initial user base to get more feedback. If you're interested in trying this connection, you can sign up at Thanks!

Question about a lost flash drive

I lost my flash drive with a QB back up file on it. The file was password protected. If someone finds my USB and figures out the pass word, would they be able to access the file? Or does it need to be on a QB program registered to the same serial number that the […]

What kind of software is everyone using in their repair shop?

As my business continues to grow, I am beginning to look for efficient software options for my business to increase productivity. I already have a CRM software in place that I am very comfortable with. Does anyone have an suggestions regarding inventory management or accounting? I am pretty advanced with Excel, Quickbooks seems like a […]

Company Operating Plan + Quickbooks

Currently running Operations & Finance at a growing startup (8-10 people). I am refining the Operating Plan and would like to tie it closely to historical data (from QuickBooks). In order to minimize error (and remove operational overhead), I am considering creating parent expense categories based on divisions (e.g 'Sales & Marketing: Subscription Fees' as […]

Wondering if I am payed well or not.

Hey everyone. Getting down to the nitty gritty, Im simply trying to find out pay-scales. Im not very confident with asking for more money, But im in a position where im coming home from work angry most every day at a job I used to love in the beginning. I started at my mom and […]

Software for receiving invoices & issuing payments to contractors?

Hi everyone, I run a small business where I employ a handful of 1099 contractors (many recurring). This means I am constantly receiving a barrage of invoices in my email box and having to issue checks from there. This is extremely cumbersome, as it overloads my email box, I cant keep track of who I […]

I did not make $50,000 in my first week. I’m bootstrapping slowly.

As the title says, I did not earn $X (a large amount) in Y time (very short). However, I have slowly and successfully bootstrapped an online subscription business (SaaS). We all love the instant success stories. They feel like winning the lottery. Perhaps by reading these stories we get to share in the glow and […]

Losing my accounting firm offer because of low GPA. 3 Years Later, Deloitte.

Hey guys, I was inspired by a story on this subreddit about losing an accounting firm offer. Hopefully my story would encourage those in a similar situation not to give up. It was back in 2010 when I received an internship invitation. At that time, I had a GPA of 3.2, which was acceptable to […]

Software for transferring data between QuickBooks files.

Hey Redditors, So I work for a small bookkeeping firm and I have a client that went ahead and created a separate QB file for 2015 without telling us. This was after I had done all their 2014 data entry. Their QB file doesn't have any of the 2014 data that the QB file I […]

Recommendation Small Business Server

Hi, Im looking into incorporating a new server at the small business Im working (Dental Laboratory). Currently everything is done the "old" way to store files and share information. We are not a big place but looking into the plans we are carrying right now, a server will be a necessity. Now, Im no expert […]