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Does anyone have any experience running Quickbooks Pro 2014 on the Surface 3/Pro 3?

I'm considering getting a tablet for my dad as a father's day gift but the most important feature it'd have to have is being able to run Quickbooks. According to my initial Google search I'm getting a bit conflicting information suggesting that the SP3 can run Quickbooks but when opening a company file receiving an […]

Billing system

What billing system do you use? Looking into and quickbooks.

The disaster that is Intuit/Quickbooks customer service (UPDATE)

Original post: TLDR for the original post: I started using Quickbooks invoicing earlier this year. They delayed the first invoice I processed without warning. Refunded themselves our second invoice, on the day of our payroll, again without warning. Then held our third invoice of nearly $23,000 for almost three weeks, completely fucking us during a […]

Commercial Banking career path/resume advice!

Hello all, From what I can gather, correct me if I'm wrong, but one of the best ways to break into commercial banking out of your undergrad is credit analysis. All the opening I'm finding online require 3-5 years credit analyst experience! (Cool how do you get those 3-5 years though if everyone is requiring […]

Strange occurrence when I booted a PC

Sorry for any lack of details. This problem pertains to a PC running Windows 7 I only use at work occasionally. I turned the PC on, booted normally, put in my password, etc. When the desktop loaded, the icons were different, and items that are normally pinned to the taskbar were not there. Assuming someone […]

QuickBooks. Is there a market (and demand) for an alternative business accounting program?

I use QuickBooks on a daily basis and have have noticed a few things that could be tweaked to make the program more efficient and user-friendly. Does anyone else in the Accounting industry feel this way? Are there any alternatives out there for business accounting that make up for what Quickbooks lacks? I only have […]

Is it possible to download a backup of my Quickbooks Online company data?

I have a Quickbooks Online Plus account and am wondering if there is a way to make a manual backup of my company data onto my personal computer. Intuit says that they have their system setup in a way that there is plenty of redundancy so that no data loss will occur but they are […]

[Request] I’m looking for Computerized Accounting with QuickBooks® 2014

I'm looking for it as an ebook, either epub or pdf would be nice. A nice bonus would be if someone could find a download of the 2 cd's that the book comes with, but if not that's okay too.

Quickbooks POS – How can I give my customers credit on their accounts without returning merchandise?

I am trying to figure out if Quickbooks POS is capable of giving a customer store credit without having to return a purchase? I need to be able to register a new customer, and then say "give this new customer $xxx.xx credit on their account." I know there is a "rewards" program in QB POS, […]

Has anyone here successfully transferred from accounting to a different field where you are much happier?

Cuz I'm starting to look for exit strategies. If I had known before college, that the only way to be successful in this career was to work at a public accounting firm 60 hours a week out of college and have to study horrifyingly boring subjects such as auditing for hours on end to pass […]

[CAN] May be asked to help produce proper working papers/financial statements for company to be sold. What can I do to make sure I’m prepared?

I've been approached by a local consultant who's helping a broker the sale of a local oil & gas company. Apparently their financial records were done extremely poorly and in order to determine the proper value of the company, they need to prepare some sort of paperwork that can be supported. They're waiting to receive […]

Which QuickBooks would be right for me?

Need a little help choosing the right QuickBooks, So me and my dad just started a Construction Company and were wanting to start using QuickBooks to start printing checks for our employees (10-15). We need to able to print checks, keep track of employee earnings, and expenses. I was thinking of just getting Payroll alone […]

Enterprise Software/ SaaS / Accounting Software Reps – I need some of your products

I am the Sales Manager for a government contracting firm. We have outgrown our homemade filing and accounting system and are looking for an Enterprise level solution. We are currently using QuickBooks and have outgrown its ability to keep up efficiently with the numbers of orders coming in. We were in the final implementation stages […]

Need some insight on a 14″-15″ USA laptop for around $1000

LAPTOP QUESTIONNAIRE Country of purchase: USA Budget range: $1000 +/- $300 Purpose (netbook, ultraportable, mainstream, gaming, desktop replacement, etc.): to run my bookkeeping tax prep and QuickBooks business on. I'm a mobile accountant of sorts Screen size preference: 14-15" OS preference (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows 7 Gaming requirements (example games and desired fps/settings): none Other performance requirements […]

Need HELP/advice about job opportunity that literally landed in my lap.

So this Tuesday, our accountant at our small business gave us notice that he accepted another job and his last day at work would be Friday (in 4 days!) Eeeek. Due to abruptness and the fact that I just graduated from a university with a degree in Accounting, they decided to have him quickly train […]


So this Tuesday, our accountant at our small business gave us notice that he accepted another job and his last day at work would be Friday (in 4 days!) Eeeek. Due to abruptness and the fact that I just graduated from a university with a degree in Accounting, they decided to have him quickly train […]

Microsoft Visual 2013 Extensions I SHOULD get

What Microsoft Visual 2013 Extensions should I get? What we have: order management platform – saas – web – we also use telerik – which isn't going so great, would love an alternative we use Amazon SES for our email What we want to do: We have to re-do all of our reporting (including […]

[USA] $2000 13-15″ Work laptop for a dentist

LAPTOP QUESTIONNAIRE Country of purchase: USA Budget range: $1200-2000, somewhere in the middle is preferable. Purpose (netbook, ultraportable, mainstream, gaming, desktop replacement, etc.): Work laptop only- no gaming. But dental programs may be CPU intensive Screen size preference: Anywhere from 13-15. 17" is a bit much. OS preference (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows 8.1 Gaming requirements (example games […]

Monitor losing connection while PC is running.

I have a simple PC running windows 7 with two monitors and both monitors will lose connection at the same time at random times (though not while the computer is idle). At this point the only option is to manually restart the computer. I have a GeForce 210 and AMD Athlon II X2 B24 processor […]

QuickBooks ProAdvisor worth it?

As someone just starting my freelance bookkeeping business, I'm wondering if it's worth it for me to get the QuickBooks Accountant Online & Desktop version?