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Recommendations for accounting software with a simple interface like quickbooks, and cloud accessible?

I know Quickbooks has cloud options, but are there any alternatives that are as simple as quickbooks?

To be certified or not be certified, that is the question…. (Canada)

Hey! So I just registered for an online course through St Lawrence College in Kingston. For all the courses & text books it will be over $4000. I certainly need some of the courses, but I am a little concerned at how much it is going to cost vs the pay off in the long […]

Does Quickbooks Pro Canada version have condense data feature?

I'm currently still on quickbooks 2009 pro but thinking of upgrading. One feature that I really need and want is the condense feature which seems to be missing on the Canadian versions, some of them at least. Anyone know if 2015 Pro Canada version supports condense, and for that matter which version of Quickbooks Pro […]

Why did our CPA make this end-of-year entry? [US]

I'm the bookkeeper/controller for a small business. In November 2014, the parent company established an LLC. We were accounting for both companies on one financial statement for November and December. That's when our CPA told us that we needed to run the LLC on it's own separate books, with a separate checking account, checks, etc. […]

YNBA vs Quickbooks

Are they the same? I'm talking about QB for Self-Employed contractors edition, not the small business ones. Anyone have experience for both? What's the pro's and cons for both? Which one would you choose.

Looking for a work laptop under $500 and 13-15″ screen size in US

I have the questionnaire filled out below. My mom is doing some consultant work while she's between jobs and no longer has the company computer from her last job. She needs just a basic work computer that will run the office suite and other similar programs like quickbooks. My really simple question is this dell […]

What do you use to accept credit cards

Yet another credit card post. What are you using for your MSP? I use quickbooks so there is a possibility with intuit. I'm also considering PayPal and Square. All of my clients will be credit card over the phone or they may go to a website themselves to enter their card info. I will never […]

[Hiring] Part Time Office Manager/Executive Assistant for Painting/Gilding Studio in Harlem – $30k/yr

Hey Reddit! I'm leaving my awesome job and looking to hire someone to replace me immediately. The job is great, schedule is flexible (good if you're a student or have some other projects/job on the side) and the CEO is super nice and easy to deal with. Here's the posting: see. Painting, Inc. is seeking […]

My employer overpaid me $2000 and now he wants it back

I work in Illinois for a small software consulting company. My boss found an error in QuickBooks where my annual salary was divided by 50 weeks instead of the correct 52 weeks in a year. This means I got overpaid by about 4%, or roughly $2000. This occurred roughly a year ago, from May 2014 […]

Resources for setting up accounting books?

Has anyone found any public resources for setting up the books for a IT service business? Chart of Accounts, AP categories, etc..? We are going through our Autotask implementation and quickly figuring out our Quickbooks configuration isn't what it should be. Can anyone share any of their own examples?

I want out of the shoebox. Any recommendations for “extremely” small service and rental business accounting? inventory/invoicing/pos?

I own two small seasonal business with no employees, ski rental and carpet cleaning. I am pretty good at shoe box accounting and using Turbo Tax but I have to invoice clients for carpet cleaning and would like to explore a POS system for the retail side of the ski shop. I do not keep […]

For those who work for themselves or for a small firm, what are some of your go-to tools?

I'm starting business with one other partner offering bookkeeping/accounting/finance solutions for small companies. Services will either be subscription based or they can opt for me to just set up their accounts and train them on how to use it going forward. What are some must-haves as for as software? Is quickbooks online usually enough? Does […]

Recommendation for record keeping for first rental property. Any advice is appreciated!

I'm purchasing a 4-plex in Southern California and I wanted to hear your advice on how to keep good records. I'm a bit young at 19 years old so I haven't had much experience with accounting. Would you recommend quickbooks? And if you do, which one? I noticed they have an online version which seems […]

Looking for advice on bookkeeping for first rental property

I'm purchasing a 4-plex in Southern California and I wanted to hear your advice on how to keep good records. I'm a bit young at 19 years old so I haven't had much experience with accounting. Would you recommend quickbooks? And if you do, which one? I noticed they have an online version which seems […]

$1000-2000 netbook, hybrid, or laptop for last year of pharmacy school and beyond.

LAPTOP QUESTIONNAIRE Country of purchase: USA Budget range: $1000-2000 Purpose (netbook, ultraportable, mainstream, gaming, desktop replacement, etc.): portable, netbook, hybrid tablet/laptop, or laptop Screen size preference: 13" or greater OS preference (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows or Mac, cannot use Linux with programs necessary for school. Other performance requirements (video editing, CAD, etc.): basic usage of Office, some […]

Independent Contractors/Consultants what software do you use for taxes?

I've been looking at Quickbooks Self-Employed which is pretty cool. To be honest I don't have a whole lot of expenses as my job is mostly available remote. I'll have a few flights, a home office, and very little gas mileage to write off. I'm going to try to maximize my write-offs where I can, […]

Are there any good resources for setting up your books?

I've been working through our psa implementation and have started to question whether our Quickbooks is setup in the most optimal way for our industry/business model. Are there any public resources that anyone has found for setting up the books for an IT service business? Example chart of accounts, AR/AP categories, etc..? I should probably […]

Bilingual Bookkeeper needed in South Charlotte

Bilingual bookkeeper/entry-level accountant needed to work in back office of retail business. Knowledge of Quickbooks and MS Excel preferred. Duties include entering vendor bills in Quickbooks, making journal entries for daily sales, preparing daily cash deposits, maintaining and reconciling office petty cash, balancing cashier tills, communicating with central office to ensure business coordination. Must be […]

Is there a way to have my customer contact information (PH#, email) printed on the invoice? I’m using QuickBooks in my browser.

It prints with the addresses on there, but not the contact info. It would make it easier to write up work orders. Is there a way to do this?

Sync it Up! Seattle Accounting Technology Boot Camp

This is going to be a great and helpful debate event on QuickBooks Online vs QuickBooks Desktop for all QuickBooks lovers and practitioners – Are you going there?