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Remotely Access and Turn On a Laptop from Another Country (And at Home)

I have an older Windows 7 Home Premium HP Pavilion G6, 2.0Ghz Pentium Dual Core, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB 5400RPM HDD. It has a busted screen, so im going to throw it in my closet and access it remotely, even when I'm at home. I will probably be using Team Viewer, unless you have other […]

Why is YNAB better than Quickbooks?

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Received snailmail offer from Quickbooks Financing. Is it worth looking into?

I own and run a small home based commercial wire installation business and have been using Quickbooks Online for the past 3 years. I recently received an offer letter from them for help in securing a business loan. I'm curious if this offer is worth looking into or is it nothing more than a link […]

New at Quickbooks and a New Business

Hello everyone, So I am not a business guy at all and my wife and I sort of inadvertently started a small business. I say this because we kind of just started it out to see how it would go and it has gotten a lot of interest and so we're going with it. Part […]

Bookkeeping Services With Free Search Engine Optimization Included. Find Out How One Company Is Changing the Accounting Industry.

At first glance it seems unorthodox. What in the world is a bookkeeping firm doing offering search engine optimization to its clients? Furthermore, how can they afford to do it for free? I would be skeptical too. That is of course, if I didn't own the company I'm talking about. I agree. It does seem […]

How To Resolve “QuickBooks Has Stopped Working” Error Message?

Sometimes when you open your QuickBooks by clicking on its icon to start the program it does not boot at all. A number of issues can prevent QuickBooks not working properly. In some cases, you restarting your computer will solve the issue. To fix this problem, Intuit recommends 7 solutions to solve this problem. 1) […]

I need a specific transaction report in Quickbooks online.

I need to run a report on just the bank account showing just the money going in and out. How do I do this?

[Hiring] (NW Arkansas or Remote) Magento expert to help finish a custom retail site

I'm hoping to find someone in the area of Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma but will take remote help to finish a Magento CE site with my team. We're finishing a project to migrate a client from NetSuite to Magento and have the front end complete and are taking orders through Magento. I need your help […]

Question: Quickbooks for eBay

Hey guys, So I've decided to start an eBay business on the side just for fun and (hopefully) a bit of extra income. I bought QuickBooks Pro but am having a really hard time figuring out how best to use it for eBay. I'm currently using Excel but want to switch to QB for tax […]

Startup consulting business looking for CRM + Project management software

I am a consulting business looking for help in implementing the 'nucleus' of the company. Currently i'm using Quickbooks online (unsure if this is the best fit) for my accounting/ finances/ invoicing. I am looking for a CRM and project management tool that will keep in sync with my Quickbooks implementation. There are a lot […]

How to split a deposit on QB Online.

Hi all, Anyone have an idea of how to split a deposit? I'm receiving a payment from a company but it is for two categories of income.

Xero vs quickbooks vs Wave

I've got three businesses- one is a classic startup, the other two are more "conventional", having 30-45k in transactions a month, both ingoing and outgoing. Up till now, I've been doing all the accounting myself on spreadsheets and it has been a nightmare. I want to go to an online platform that my accountant can […]

Xero vs quickbooks vs wave (also posting in /r/startups)

I've got three businesses- one is a classic startup, the other two are more "conventional", having 30-45k in transactions a month, both ingoing and outgoing. Up till now, I've been doing all the accounting myself on spreadsheets and it has been a nightmare. I want to go to an online platform that my accountant can […]

ZAGG 10 Key Bluetooth Numeric Keypad First Impressions w/ my SP3.

I just got my Surface Pro 3 i5 256GB earlier this month and noticed the Type Cover did not have a Numeric Pad which I have become so reliant on for all my Excel based work at the office and at school. I created this post here on hoping to find some options and […]

Had a meeting with our accountant yesterday. Apparently they have no other clients that accept credit card transactions. They are super affordable. How long should I hold out?

Long story short, my business partner's parents have used this accountant since forever. We get a hell of a good deal on them. Our business is a mix of e-commerce/retail/traditional sales (Quote -> PO -> Invoice -> Payment via check). We're working to integrate our e-commerce transactions into Quickbooks and I asked our accountant how […]

How Would You Start?

A little bit of background: right now I work a corporate 9-5 in television, but I also am pursuing a career in acting and filmmaking. Acting and filmmaking are my dream, but they are freelance jobs, which is incredibly difficult to do with a rigid 9-5 job like I have now (auditions come up at […]

Quickbooks Onine Enterprise – How can I make a report that shows customers with no invoice in the last 12 months?

I don't know if it's obvious, or if if this a tough one?? Thank you!

Quickbooks online help.

Okay, so I've got an account setup for Cobra liability that I credit when we get a check from a former employee covering their cobra. We of course get one bill from Blue Cross for both current employee and past employee coverage. How do I record the payment to Blue Cross? I want to debit […]

[Hiring] Fullcharge Bookkeeper at law firm — DIRECT HIRE in Woodstock/Canton area

Law Firm Full-Charge Bookkeeper Position Summary This position will perform the bookkeeping and accounting functions of the law firm. The position requires experience in bookkeeping, accounting, law firm billing and QuickBooks software as well as Microsoft Office Products. The position prefers accounting experience in a law or other professional service firm environment. This is a […]

Where can I, as a complete beginner to business and Quickbooks, learn how to use the software to keep my accounts?

I'm a complete beginner, no experience with accountancy and the like. I'm in the UK and starting a limited company soon, so I need to start tracking my finances properly.