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Question About Accounts Receivable

In QuickBooks V12.0.17 (the year is 2011 and the release is R18) my customers are getting un-alphabetized when I print off my Statements for the month. In the Customer center they are all alphabetized, but when I open the Customer Balance Summary they are not and that appears to be what its printing my statements […]

MSI / WMIC product strings for automatic uninstallation?

Fellow sysadmins, I'm working on a batch script to purge crapware from new OEM machines (e.g. all the little Lenovo software, Dell Data Protect, Dell Backup and Restore, toolbars, et cetera) without our intervention and totally silently. So far, I've got a decent amount in, but if anyone has access to HP / Compaq or […]

#@#@!# quickbooks cash register

So often in life a need for some extra money presents itself and we have to act quickly? I have filed for Employment Insurance, that agreement will be … …read more

SmartVault Announces Big Usability Enhancements with New Connected Desktop

SmartVault’s unique integration with popular small- and medium-sized business applications such as QuickBooks, Xero and FreshBooks, creates a … …read more

QuickBooks training offered

QuickBooks is bookkeeping and accounting software that is designed to manage payroll, inventory, sales and other needs of a small business. …read more

Suggestions for a time card app that integrates smart phones with Quickbooks?

I've been looking at TSheets but with ten employees I would be paying more for that service than I would for Quickbooks Payoll to actually process the paychecks! Is there a cheap option for a small business like mine to have an app on my employees smart phone that they can enter their hours that […]

Looking for a second opinion on a build for work

I was hoping to keep price <$800 if possible. My main need is work. I am upgrading an older mac that has become slow after a number of OS upgrades, and use of Microsoft office and Google drive. I multitask big time during work. It's not uncommon for me to have mail open, chrome with […]

Small Business Development Center to Host QuickBooks Seminar

Angelo State University’s Small Business Development Center is offering a series of classes that will teach QuickBooks accounting software during the … …read more

Question about loan manager and interest/principal splits.

I work for a company that has a couple of loans, and I find the loan manager super useful. My problem comes from loans that have daily compounding. When I enter in the loan it automatically calculates the int/principal split assuming it was paid exactly on the day it was due. However under certain circumstances […]

B2BGateway’s �App�etite for QuickBooks Online EDI

Boston, MA, October 30, 2014 –(– B2BGateway, a leading QuickBooks Gold Developer today announced that it has developed a new App to … …read more

What does this error mean: “Quantity required for tracked Inventory item.”

I'm using Quickbooks Online as part of my job, and I'm trying to void an invoice. However, whenever I try to do so, the error message "Quantity required for tracked Inventory item" pops up. I'm not sure what this means. All the necessary information on the invoice is already filled, including quantity. Any help would […]

Donor tax receipts?

I have a list of donors to an organization. I need to generate year-end tax receipts for each individual donor. There's a lot of them, so I don't want to have to modify a custom report for each person. Basically, I want a tidy receipt with a single total of all of a person's donations, […]

Point of Sale systems

I am currently in a position that requires me to help clients setup POS systems for their business. For many Quickbooks is overkill, to complicated and costly. Some are just brick and mortar, others also have an online storefront. Some are restaurants. The main thing is it needs to be a reliable platform and easy […]

Build for Work in US & heavy multitasking. $800 limit.

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using. No Gaming on this work rig, but if I get the urge to download something it will probably be League of Legends or Warcraft at the moment (probably nothing graphic intensive, and […]

Quickbooks 14 problems with subassemblies

Just found out that sub assemblies can break a company file. But in a very quickbooks way, the problem is a subtle one, lingering for weeks before it gets reported. Far to long for us to restore from backups and re-enter transactions. After letting quickbooks build a sub-assembly for you using a handy-dandy checkbox, a […]

Drupal Commerce and Quickbooks

So… I'm supposed to connect these two for a client. Testing of the quickbooks connect module shows it's not ready for prime-time. Every time the sync ran, it created duplicate copies of every order. I've looked extensively at and they seem totally incompetent with anything related to Drupal, their free trial module includes code […]

Barcode scanning is not working with advanced inventory.

The bar code scanning is turned on and all the products are assigned an individual bar code in the quickbooks format (QB:0123456789). I open up an invoice form and scan a bar code that was printed off in quickbooks, but all it does it put the QB:0123456789 into whatever data field was clicked on. It […]

DuBois Business College to Offer QuickBooks Workshops

DUBOIS � DuBois Business College is offering a one-day workshop on QuickBooks� 2014 at two locations. QuickBooks� is a program, which allows … …read more

Intuit Is Making It Easier To Develop Apps Which Integrate With Its Cloud Accounting Software

�We’re focused on delivering an amazing developer experience because we know that the QuickBooks Online platform is only as powerful as the third … …read more

Help picking out new servers for virtualization

tl;dr – Need help choosing physical machines/licenses for my company's needs. This is the first major server/storage upgrade in 10+ years. Hello /sysadmin, I'm hoping to leverage your combined wisdom and experience to help me make some decisions in the coming weeks for my company. I am a largely self-taught IT guy who is very […]