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QuickBooks for Beginners

The “QuickBooks for Beginners” seminar will demonstrate software functions useful for the daily operations of a small business. The seminar will be … …read more

AccountSight Announces Upcoming New Software Enhancements To Help Businesses Maximize

Full integration with QuickBooks so that users can synchronize their data seamlessly. Project Budget notifications so that businesses can keep an eye … …read more

Quickbooks Enterprise 8 server crash, data on new server not connecting. – Spiceworks

So took a new client on and boy has it been fun! I’ll be as detailed as I can. 1) Company had sbs2k3 as PDC 2) quickboo… | 4 replies | Questions and … …read more

Leading QuickBooks Hosting Provider Partners with BluePay

NovelASPect, the leading QuickBooks hosting and cloud-computing expert entered into a strategic partnership with Bluepay Processing Inc., a top … …read more

Small Business Local Buzz | QuickBooks by Intuit Canada

Intuit QuickBooks Wants to Help Your Small Business Create Big Buzz. …read more

AccountSight Launches Time Tracking Integration with QuickBooks for a Powerful and Streamlined

AccountSight, a software as a service (SaaS) company, has added time tracking integration with QuickBooks so that business users can experience a … …read more

Keep Investing in the Cloud, It’s Working

Intuit is best known for TurboTax and its accounting software Quickbooks. However, the company also offers payroll, payments, and marketing tools to … …read more

March Workshops Take QuickBooks Skills to Next Level

nwi-sbdc The Northwest ISBDC is partnering with Anna Sheets of Accounting Made Simple to offer a two-part event on expanding QuickBooks skills. …read more

Intuit Q2 Results Show Just How Hard Xero’s US Task Is

At the same time there is the dominant existing player Intuit, whose Quickbooks product fuels the bulk of US SMBs. Intuit has had a cloud product for … …read more

9 QuickBooks Best Practices for Payments |

They’re not carved in stone, but accounting professionals tend to agree that these guidelines can improve the speed and accuracy of your payments … …read more

Bookkeeping For Those Who Don’t Like Using An App

Accounting programs like Xero or Intuit’s QuickBooks are awesome for your business. Yet there are still many owners who don’t want to spend the time … …read more

Cloud analytics service serves up QuickBooks intelligence

InsightSquared can provide a unified, visual view of data from multiple sources, helping associate information across QuickBooks and Salesforce, for … …read more

Xero to Automate Conversions from MYOB and QuickBooks

Xero was testing an automated conversion service to convert data files from MYOB and QuickBooks when setting up a new Xero account, the … …read more

LI business events, Feb.

Learn QuickBooks Pro from the ground up for your business, 9-11 a.m. Monday, as well as March 3 and 10, Stony Brook Small Business Development … …read more

FreshBooks Adds New Tool for Business-Accountant Collaboration

The online small business accounting system FreshBooks has added a new feature called Journal Entries for QuickBooks Desktop and CSV. The new … …read more

Big News: Quickbooks Competitor Intacct Targets the SMB Market

Intacct accounting software seeks to replace Quickbooks. The new firm may not have many customers yet — only just over 7,300, we’re told. But the … …read more

Review: QuickBooks 2014 for Mac (Verdict: tax jedi)

As the big brother to Intuit’s popular Quicken personal finance software, QuickBooks 2014 allows business owners, controllers and bookkeepers to … …read more

Expense Reports Support Intuit’s Global Tax Model

This tax season will be more productive for Nexonia clients who use QuickBooks Online now that Nexonia Expenses integrates with Intuit’s Global Tax … …read more

Business development group offers Danbury workshops: Business briefs

To make an appointment, call Janet Siegenthaler at 203-353-1750 or email QuickBooks for Entrepreneurs will feature a … …read more

Granular: Bringing farms into the modern software world

Imagine operating a sprawling 50-square-mile farm, 30 roaming employees and a hectic and fluctuating growing season using Excel, Quickbooks and … …read more